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Message: Just thought I'd let you know. When you registered somersetsheds.com with NameCheap you were charged their first-year domain product price When you go to renew the domain, It always goes up. That's on top of any increase for other products like Hosting, SSL Certificate or Email service you have. There's no rush now but, you have until 04/18/2025 to avoid overpaying their domain renewal fees I kept making that same mistake year after year. I wish that was all I made, but sadly that's just 1 of the 6 I was guilty of. Maybe the article I wrote could help you avoid the other 5? https://BeWebsiteWise.com Thanks Janson To opt out of future communications click the link below. https://optoutform.net/?site=https://somersetsheds.com/ GLBL 300 Lafollette Station Dr Floyds Knobs, IN 47119