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Message: I thought I'd contact you here as I didn't hear back from you from my email last week! It's Cameron from The Cameron Journal again. I've been reaching out because I'm looking at helping organizations like yours achieve your goals this year. I can consult with you, your teams or your whole company on how to navigate these tough times. I have my finger on the pulse of the latest trends in marketing, business, culture, and geopolitics. I know I can help you. I know its hard to figure out how to position new products, services or your whole organization in this fluid environment we find ourselves in. I'm helping organizations like yours figure this all out. Our world is rapdily changing and if you're reading the news headlines and your confused about how to reach your goals as a company in this post-pandemic environment then I think I can help. Whether its consulting or speaking to your organization, teams, or at an event, I can help you start to figure things out. Let's connect and see how I can help your organization! Cheers, Cameron Lee Cowan 720-841-7752 The Cameron Journal